Pat's Market

This is a great size basket that can be used for many things. After remodeling one of the secondary baths I found I needed more storage for hand towels and wash cloths. This basket works great.  We had plenty of room on the counter and having the extra towels right out in the open allows guests to just help themselves when they need a fresh towel.


Ginger Jar

We used this basket in our Texas home in the office. It was usually stuffed with mail and junk that we didn't know what to do with. Now we use it to hold magazine about our favorite sites in Arkansas.


Vanity Flare

This was the prototype for the Vanity Flare basket. This is definitely one of those baskets that I had always plan to keep! A unique design and more contemporary than country.


Shaker Salsa

This little basket was used in the shop to hold peppermint candies. This was a favorite of beginners to weave in our make it take it classes. You could use it for many things. In our new home it holds the remotes (yes we only have 4 and they are small) and a few coasters to use with our favorite glass of wine.


There were many fun advantages to retiring.  Besides the obvious: no alarm clock, travel, no dealing with landlords, staying up late to watch movies just to name a few. 

The one advantage that I didn't realize I would have until we started to unpack everything was I could use my baskets! For many years the baskets stayed in the shop for samples or for sale. There were a few that I had always planned on keeping. (We all have those baskets that we consider one of a kind or a real challenge to weave.) Others    were a favorite because of texture, color or shape. And yes I even have a few that are considered just not quite right. My son used to call them my "rejects"! He swore I gave him all my rejects when he was little. (I totally deny this!)

Enjoy the pictures of my baskets in use. Check out the patterns for each of them. Send me pictures or ideas of how you put your baskets to use!

Happy Weaving


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