Happy New Year everyone! We are half way through January already.  I hope your holidays were blessed and that you all took time to spend with family and friends. 

With each new year comes the dreaded resolutions. You know the promises/goals we set for ourselves year after year that never quite seem to get done! I remember making the resolution to quit smoking or work out. Not fun goals to achieve. Yes, they were healthy choices but still not fun and there was no way to make them fun! If it wasn't fun I basically wasn't going to do it. Fortunately I did quit smoking several years ago and I do work out consistently. Now I am into doing fun and challenging. When you can set goals that are fun you will more likely do them. 

This year we decided we need to travel this beautiful state and explore it. Take time out for some simple day trips and see what we can find. I am looking for benches or stools with open seats so I can refinish and weave a seat. I also have started a small broom collection. I know that may sound strange but there are some unique brooms out there. If you have ever made a broom or watched someone make one you will get this.

I also want to explore new designs in my weaving. I want to focus on new bases and different ways to use round reed. (Round reed tends to be a love or hate thing for most people!) The ideas have been dancing in my head for several weeks now so it is time to put them into a basket!

This year I am working on making videos to add to my web site. I haven't even begun to figure out all the cool things I can do with this iMAC!

Most of these goals are really nothing but fun!  I know not everyone can choose doing just fun stuff all the time! I remember the days of working, taking care of kids, fixing dinners, grocery shopping etc. It wasn't that long ago. Retired or not we all have schedules to keep and plans to make.The point I am trying to make is just pick one fun thing to do this year. It may not have anything to do with weaving. You may decide to take a class in something new. Maybe you wanted to learn to sew or quilt, or do some pottery. (Painting always intrigued me but also intimidated me.) Maybe you haven't been to the beach in a while. Just pick a close beach and go! Make it simple. When was the last time you went to a museum, or took the kids (grand kids) to the zoo, went to Saturday garage sales? There are simple fun things we can all do just once in a while through the whole year. Pick something fun for a goal this year and do it! When you pick a fun goal to accomplish the other goals seem a lot easier to do! You may just find your stress level a little lower and you are smiling more. 

Happy Weaving 


© Monica Impellizzeri 2014