PUMPKIN, TERRA-COTTA, MUSTARD and MORE-OH MY!                                                                                                                                WHAT to do with ALL THOSE SCRAPS!

The fun fall colors of dyed reed. Pumpkin,  mustard,  butternut and terra-cotta.

The beautiful fall scene at Hot Springs National Park across from Bath House Row! 

Dear Weavers,

My favorite time of year is now in full bloom! There is nothing like  the cool air and vibrant fall colors to inspire your weaving! I am visualizing the pumpkin orange with mustard and a dash of butternut in a spiraling  design. Unfortunately it is also time for Quilt Show! So the new designs will have to wait just a little longer! 

After taking a full year off I had forgotten the time and work it takes to make kits! In the past I would grab them off the shelves. I would also grab the sample baskets off the showroom floor and be ready to go! This year however I had to start from scratch! I have not only been busy making up kits for the classes I am teaching but also a few extra kits and sample baskets. 

One of the pit falls of making kits is all the scrap reeds! I am not one to throw anything way. Those who helped me pack and organize the store when I retired will attest to that. Also the price of the reed is so high that you really want to use every last inch! The best way to use the scrap reed is of course in small baskets and baskets with wood bases. The spokes are only 12" long in the last basket shown to the right. Scrap dyed reed can be used as design elements in overlays, curls, X's just to name a few. 

Time now to get back to packing and checking off the list of supplies needed for Quilt Show. I am looking forward to teaching and visiting with weaving students from past classes and new students as well! Hope to see you at the show.

Happy Weaving


© Monica Impellizzeri 2014