JACOB'S MAIL      *Revised Pattern


JACOB'S MAIL: Woven on a rectangle Nantucket style base this design is a little bit challenging at first but moves quickly once you see the design taking shape. This is a larger version of the original design from a few years ago. The pops of color help to show off the twill/diamond design.  The finished size is approximately 10" long by 8" wide by 6.5" high excluding the handle. Kit cost $52.95. Limited quantities!

CATS' ARROW: This is a beautiful twill design woven with smoked and natural reed to create the arrow design. If you can count you can weave a twill! This is a challenging basket at first, but oh so worth it! It is finished with a beautiful hand carved handle. Limited quantities! The finished size is approximately 18.5" long by 8" wide by 11" tall excluding the handle. Kit cost $58.99


BALLS OF YARN: This basket starts with a round Nantucket style base. Pops of color woven in the overlays and the rows of triple weave add to this pretty design. The basket is finished with contrasting leather handles. The finished size is approximately 11" in diameter and 9" tall excluding the handles. The kit cost is $58.99. Limited quantities!

THE VILLAGE SHOPPER *New pattern/design.

THE VILLAGE SHOPPER: This basket is the perfect size! Not too large that it needs its own room but large enough to be very useful! The basket starts with a woven solid base, add streams of color with small dyed reed and finish with an X design for interest. Top the basket with leather handles and you will be ready to shop! The finished size is approximately 18.5" long by 13.5" wide by 10" tall excluding the handles. The kit cost is $62.95.

Please order early and remember all quantities are limited. Order three or more kits and receive free shipping! 

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